Wednesday, December 24, 2008


By Ezekiel Lee Zhiang Yang

"I won Most Promising Actor for a movie that hasn't even been shown in the cinemas!"

25 Mar – If you're wondering about what happened to "Cinta Terakhir", a local movie that has been in the schedules for three years now, wonder no more – lead actor Zizan Nin, who won Most Promising Actor at Filem Festival Malaysia 2007 for his role in the romance epic, explained that the movie has yet to find a slot, despite being planned for release many times already.

Stranger still, Zizan was not even aware that he was nominated for anything at the said festival, let alone be present for it. When Cinema Online caught up with him recently, he said: "That night itself, I was receiving all sorts of SMS congratulating me – but I had no clue what I was being congratulated about! My director called me, and it was then that I found out I won. I got RM10,000 and a trophy for a movie that hasn't even been screened in the cinemas!"

"Cinta Terakhir" is an epic love story about two student lovers, Firdaus and Tina, one from Malaysia and the other from Indonesia. While studying at Universiti Utara Malaysia together, their platonic relationship blossoms into love but great challenges lie ahead in their difficult romance.

So will the movie make it to our screens this year? Watch this space!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008



16 January 2007 : The Malay Mail

By Nur Aqidah Azizi

TWO local film producers have come under fire from Malaysia Film Producers' Association (PFM) for withdrawing their films from their scheduled screening slots at the eleventh hour. PFM acting president Ruhani Abdul Rahman said it was unfair for the producers to do so after they were given the slots, which were also requested by others.

"Due to this, we did not have local films at cinemas last month and this month," she said. Ruhani said that it had also caused difficulties to cinema operators as they were forced to find replacements, which would result in the slots being given to foreign films.

Ruhani was commenting on the decision by KSG Pictures and JAS Production to pull out Cinta Terakhir and Haru Biru, respectively, at the last minute, citing insufficient time to publicise their films. Cinta Terakhir was scheduled to hit the big screen on Dec 28 and Haru Biru on Jan 11. Ruhani said PFM have issued warning letters to the two producers and are reviewing the rules to ensure that similar incidents will not recur.

"We view this seriously and in future, we will not compromise as film producers are given three months to promote their films after getting their slots," she said. She added that the two producers will have to go through the process all over again for this year's screening slots. "Also, they will not be given the privilege to choose their slots as priority will be given to others in the waiting list," said Ruhani. She said producers must be professional and responsible and should be prepared to face any setback.


Bunyinya seperti cliché. Namun, cliché atau tidak, anda harus menontonnya. Dalam naskah ini, kami tidak memilih konflik biasa filem Melayu - lazimnya berligar sekitar isu halangan orang ketiga atau ibu bapa. Apa yang kami hidangkan dalam naskah ini ialah hero dan beroin berkonflik dengan diri sendiri. Maknanya, hero dan heroin itu sendiri yang memusnahkan cinta mereka. Kenapa? Jawapannya terletak kepada sikap ego, sensitif, enggan berterus terang, sukar memaafkan dan mudah tercabar.

Ya, memang wujud dua watak orang ketiga dalam naskah ini. Namun, watak-watak ini tidak berniat untuk menghancurkan hubungan antara hero dan heroin. Ini menjadikan seolah-olah tiada ‘antogonis’ (villain) dalam naskah ini. Juga menjadikannya bukan sebuah cinta tiga segi.

Justeru, ia kisah cinta dua anak muda yang kaya dengan perasaan tetapi gopoh dalam membuat keputusan. Akibatnya mereka sendiri memusnahkan cinta itu lalu menanggung akibatnya.

Selain itu, naskah ini juga tidak berhasrat menjual 'bintang'. Sebaliknya, lebih kepada menjual cerita. Formula ini agak terkeluar dari kerangka pemikiran biasa penerbit filem tempatan. Dan adakah formula ini akan berjaya? Setakat ini, tiada kepastian kerana tayangannya masih tertangguh sejak dua tahun lalu.